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Although the BrainWareMap is in its infancy there are already a number of people who have helped me in my endeavours and to whom I would like to express my deep gratitude.

These include :

My brother Barry Welford for his encouragement and his extremely helpful practical guidance on website development and visibility issues.

Iain Allison, for his friendship and enthusiastic support of my Brainware ideas and initiatives. Iain is currently Principal Adviser of Studies - Science at the University of Glasgow, and during the past twenty years I have been able to draw heavily on his valuable ideas and perspectives about how best to promote effective student learning within a university environment.

Nick Stroud, a former colleague at the University of Edinburgh Computing Services, for his invaluable support of my various 'projects' over a number of years ... and especially his dedication to the creative use of graphics and the need at all times 'to keep things simple'!

Richard Bingham, another former colleague at the University of Edinburgh, for his enthusiastic collaboration on an earlier manifestation of the BrainWareMap approach, viz. the Medical and Veterinary Computing Support Map website for academic staff. His more recent valuable comments on the BrainWareMap have been very welcome.

John Heron for permission to include his photograph on the map and for his encouraging comments.
The Buzan Organisation for permission to include Tony Buzan's photograph on the map.
University of Edinburgh Main Library for permission to photograph bookshelves and PhD theses. for permission to use the photographs of the stream on the Relaxation page and the speed limit sign on the Limitations page.
Chas Friedman for permission to use the photo of him playing the tuba on the Breathing page.

Links to the BrainWareMap

I am also greatly indebted to those who have helped to raise the visibility of the BrainWareMap by agreeing to include a link on their websites. These include:

A Wanderer's Ramblings
Aberdeen College (N.b. access requires a staff login)
An Imaginative Curriculum - Creativity resources
Disability Services - Bishop Wellness Center - Williamette University - Salem,

Kim Welford
Mapper's delight: the London Underground diagrams
Mastery TV - Personal Development Links
Middlesex University, London - ABC Study Links
Mornington Crescent - Web Sites
NVC Resolutions
Personal Development Sites - Links
Shambles - Study Skills
Society for Effective Affective Learning
Strategic Marketing Montreal
University of Glasgow - Student Learning Service
White Dove Books - Personal Development Directory

Thank you one and all.

John Welford (home page)
13 September 2009

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