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picture of cyclist & walkerPhysical exercise, like diet, is often recommended to help you to keep your weight down and to avoid serious illness. However, from a Brainware perspective exercise is also important for the impact that it has on one's mental and emotional well-being, through the so-called mind-body connection.

'Healthy mind in healthy body' is a well-known Greek precept which seems to carry a great deal of truth. For example, many people find that regular brisk walking, or other similar activity, has an extremely beneficial and energising effect on the mind, leading to a feeling of well-being and clarity. Many creative people using walking ('pacing about') to clear their minds and open themselves up to new possibilities and new ideas. Numerous studies also show that brisk walking and other physical exercise produce feelings of mild euphoria and can provide effective treatment for people suffering from stress, anxiety and mild or moderate depression. And such exercise is also known to contribute to a good sleep pattern. At the start of Brainware workshops I used brief loosening up exercises, such as arm circling and hand shaking, to help people to feel alert but relaxed and so get them into a good state of mind for what followed.


It is generally recommended that people should engage in regular physical exercise, preferably as part of the normal pattern of their day. Walking or cycling to university or work provides an excellent way of achieving this, and taking a similar exercise break at lunchtime is a wonderful way of unwinding and preparing for the afternoon. Such exercise is also useful as a mental 'first aid', when you need to recover from a stressful or exhausting experience. Whatever form of exercise you choose it is obviously vital that it is something which you enjoy.

Further Information

For further information on exercise and physical and mental fitness see:

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Page last modified: 14 July 2012
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