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General Skills

SpannerThis sub-track is concerned with key general-purpose skills which can have a significant impact on all aspects of learning. For example, problem-solving techniques can be applied within a whole range of contexts, from the simple, such as how to locate specific information, to the more complex, for example, how to carry out a research project or write a book. Because such skills have this wide applicability they are especially valuable and worth developing. Other, more specific learning skills will be found on the Student Learning and PhD Research sub-tracks.

Particular Skills

The following are the particular skills which are included on the General Skills sub-track:


  • Techniques for tackling problems


  • How to improve the power of your memory

Time Management

  • Organising and making the best use of your time


  • Switching on the light bulb!


  • How computers can help you


  • We all have to!

To find out more about any of the above items, click on the appropriate heading.

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Page last modified: 18 May 2006
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