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Photo of John WelfordWelcome to the BrainWareMap for Creative Learning!

This non-commercial website provides a novel way of accessing information about study techniques, holistic learning, the brain, creativity, personal development and many related topics. I refer to this whole field as Brainware, and its chief purpose is to help students of all ages to make their learning more effective and much more enjoyable. To enable you to find out about Brainware I have created the BrainWareMap - an integrated set of user-friendly clickable coloured maps closely based on the design principles of the famous London Underground Map.

Basing the website around a map is designed primarily to help you to understand how all the Brainware components fit together and to make them more memorable. But at the same time it will hopefully encourage you to explore and investigate interesting topics and ideas which may be new to you. Index and search facilities are, of course, also provided. These will allow you to gain rapid access to those subjects with which you are already familiar. I hope that you will find the BrainWareMap simple and fun to use and that it will help you to become more playful and creative in your approach to learning.

The BrainWareMap is still in its infancy, and so I am continuing to develop and experiment with it. I would therefore be very pleased to receive your feedback if there are ways in which you think the map might be improved. Meanwhile, I hope that you will enjoy using the map!

Further Details about the BrainWareMap

Further information about the BrainWareMap is provided in the four introductory pages signposted below. Click on any of the red highlighted headings to take you to a more detailed information page. Alternatively, click on 'Introduction contd.' at the foot of this and subsequent pages to read through the whole of the Introduction.

More about the Map: Design Concepts

  • The range of design concepts and techniques which are the basis of the BrainWareMap.

More about the Map: Navigation

  • How to find your way around the map and make optimum use of it.


  • Your views on the BrainWareMap are very welcome - here is the contact information.


  • To all who have helped with the production of the BrainWareMap.

Dr John Welford (home page)
7 March 2005

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