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Student Learning

Old College, EdinburghThis sub-track is concerned with the key learning skills which are needed by students, such as reading and note-taking. There are no prescribed ways of doing these things, and so for each person the ideal is to develop methods which simultaneously suit the style of the individual and are appropriate to the topics being studied. There is indeed much enjoyment in establishing your own distinctive way of doing things, rather than slavishly following the prescriptions of others. Key general-purpose skills, such as problem-solving and time management, will be found on the General Skills sub-track.

Particular Skills

The following are the particular skills which are included on the Student Learning sub-track:


  • General approaches to studying


  • Efficient and effective reading


  • Note-taking when present at a lecture or reading a book


  • The use of mind-mapping for organising ideas and for other purposes


  • Expressing yourself meaningfully and coherently


  • Strategies for revising and passing examinations

To find out more about any of the above skills, click on the appropriate heading.

Further Information

For further information on student learning see:

Google's 'study skills' page
Open Directory Project - How to Study

Study Guides and Strategies by Joe Landsberger
Study Skills Package (University of Waterloo)
Study Skills Self-Help Information (Virginia Tech)
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