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30 mph sign - © FreeFoto.comGiven the complexity and brilliance of the human brain, it is important to consider whether there are any significant limitations to its powers. This is the subject which is explored on the Limitations sub-track.

Educational systems have the unfortunate tendency to pigeonhole people into specific categories, such as 'bright', 'average' and 'dull', and they may link these to particular IQ score ranges. As a result, people can easily become locked into a particular rather limited view of themselves and their capabilities. However, there is plenty of evidence that at any age people can move outside their present boundaries, developing new skills and taking on new challenges. In my Brainware workshops I used juggling as just such a 'boundary-breaker'. Everyone can juggle with one bean bag! But with sufficient practice, everyone can learn to juggle with two bean bags, and then three and even four. The underlying lesson is that we should assume that there are no limits to what we can do, until proved otherwise!

Limitations - Some Aspects

The following are the particular items which are included on the Limitations sub-track:

Human Potential

  • What are the limits to human potential?

Information Overload

  • How can the brain cope with vast amounts of information?

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Page last modified: 4 March 2005
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