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Seth MorrisonIt is common now for athletes and sports people to concentrate attention on their mind state, as well as their physical state (see, for example, the Inner Game). The converse is also found to be true, that people who depend on the effective functioning of their minds are increasingly giving due attention to their physical condition. For example, the performance of a student, both when revising for an exam and when in the exam itself, may depend significantly on the student's level of energy, feeling of well-being and the quantity and quality of their sleep. All of these things can link closely to the quality of the student's life-style. In order, therefore, to be in tip-top mental condition it is important to develop and maintain a good personal life-style.

Elements of One's Life-Style

The following are the aspects of life-style which are included on the Life-Style sub-track:


  • You are what you eat!


  • The need for sustained daily physical exercise


  • Oxygen intake and breathing for relaxation


  • Coping with life's pressures


  • Relaxation for renewal and creativity


  • Developing a good sleep pattern

To find out more about any of the above items, click on the appropriate heading.

Further Information

For further information on establishing a healthy life-style see:

Lifestyle Recommendations from the American Heart Association
How to be clever: eat lots of beans and avoid football by Robin McKie
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Page last modified: 13 July 2012
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