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Mind Body book coverThis sub-track is concerned with a number of techniques and practices which seek to induce a state of well-being by exploiting the interconnectedness of mind and body. Many relaxation techniques, for example, are based on the principle that it is impossible to be simultaneously mentally tense and physically relaxed, and so they achieve their results by working on the body and seeking to remove all traces of tension. These are methods which essentially work from the outside in, but there are other techniques which operate in the reverse direction. Thus, in many sports and in music, for example, it is commonly recognised that to achieve a good performance it is necessary to first get one's 'Inner Game' right and to be in an appropriate state of 'relaxed concentration'. In a similar vein there is evidence that emotional stress can be a contributor to physical illness, such as heart disease, and that conversely a positive attitude can facilitate recovery from illness.

Various approaches to learning, such as Suggestopedia and holistic learning, seek to achieve their results by first bringing the learner into a state of mind-body harmony, with the body free of tension and the mind calm and alert. This is considered to be the ideal state for optimum learning, and I regularly made use of such methods during Brainware workshops.

Particular Techniques and Practices

The following are the particular items which are included on the Mind-Body sub-track:

Inner Game

  • The use of 'relaxed concentration' to improve performance in tennis, golf, etc. ... and, of course, school and university learning

Autogenic Training

  • A powerful system for inducing a deep level of relaxation


  • Systems which work on the body to create a state of well-being, both in body and mind

Zen Buddhism

  • A meditative practice designed to increase self-knowledge and compassion

To find out more about any of the above items, click on the appropriate heading.

Further Information

For further information about mind-body issues see:

Mind/Body Connection: How Your Emotions Affect Your Health
Mind and Body Practices
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Page last modified: 20 May 2012
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