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Personal Attributes

When considering the performance of students much attention is given to their relative intellectual capabilities. But there are other personal characteristics which may be just as, if not more, important. Thus, for example, the student's feelings have a vital significance. How do they feel about themselves and what they are capable of? Are they bursting with self-confidence or anxious and full of self-doubt? And how do they feel about the subjects they are studying? Are they filled with enthusiasm and fascination or bored and apathetic? Another factor which needs to be considered is the personality of the individual student and the impact this might have on the progress of their learning and how well they relate to others. These are some of the issues which are vital to students and are examined here on the Personal Attributes sub-track.

Particular Attributes

The following are the particular attributes which are included on the Personal Attributes sub-track:


  • "The jet fuel of motivation"!


  • Developing a zest for life


  • The heart of learning


  • Who am I?

Body Language

  • The art of non-verbal communication

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Page last modified: 29 September 2005
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