The Scottish Identity Card Scandal:
Campaign News - 2014

Scottish ID Card

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46.  Daily Record, 30 Jan. 14 - Teens abuse Young Scot card ID scheme in bid to get round tough alcohol laws and into pubs and clubs

YOUNG Scot cards are being widely abused to get round strict laws on underage drinking, trading standards officials have revealed.

There were more than 170 cases of the ID scheme being abused by youngsters trying to get into pubs and clubs in one council area [South Ayrshire].

Underage drinkers tampered with cards, borrowed them from over-18 friends or created fake ones...

A Young Scot National Entitlement Card, backed by the Scottish Government and councils, is issued to every 11-year-old entering secondary school.

Valid until the age of 25, the photocard is widely accepted as proof of age...

Scottish Conservative chief whip John Lamont suggested retailers and licence holders should revert to passports and driving licences.

He said: "It is up to venues and licence holders to be robust in what they accept as proof of age..."

47.  NO2ID Forum, 23 Apr. 14 - All it takes is one click and you can get your own Scottish ID card, John Welford

For this is just part of the mission creep of Scotland's National Entitlement Card (NEC) - a national ID card in all but name. All will become clear if you go to the government's 'Register with myaccount' page:

and click on 'Register now'. You then come to a page which makes things crystal clear.

If you don't already have an NEC card, you just have to click on 'Register', and they will put you in the Scottish National Identity Register (NIR), and then presumably send you your shiny new NEC card. Of course, they won't risk frightening you by actually mentioning the NIR. So in true Orwellian fashion they refer to giving you your own 'myaccount', previously known to Scottish pensioner 'bus pass' holders as their 'Citizen Account'.

So up here in Scotland, all it takes is one click, and you can get your own ID card. Just as simple as that!


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